car air conditioning

Why is spring maintenance of your car air conditioning system useful


The air conditioning system is one of the systems in your car that operates for about 6 months a year. During the rest of the time, it either does not work or is in standby mode. It is extremely unpleasant when, during our first spring trip, we realize that only warm air is coming out of the ventilation grilles. This can be prevented by timely maintenance of the air conditioning system, for example, when changing our tires.

The maintenance consists of checking the amount of refrigerant, removing moisture through vacuuming, cleaning the evaporator and condenser, cleaning the air ducts and grilles, replacing the cabin filter, checking the functionality of the system, and checking other components if needed. All of this can be done in a few hours and does not cost much, which can save you time and money exactly when your air conditioning system is most needed.

We can do all of this for you after a prior appointment with us.

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